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Mark Greenwood is a performance artist / writer originally from Newcastle but now based in Plymouth. He has presented work across the U.K, Europe and the United States over the last ten years.
Utilising indefinite durational practice and installaction as an art form, Greenwood’s interests lie in writing as a socio-physiological practice, projection of the male ego onto animals, and the interrelations between gender, memory, cultural location and identity.
Parallel to the generation of poetic texts through experimental procedures that seek to subvert and resist the structures of hegemonic discourse, Greenwood incorporates the ideology of gambling and chance in his current work.

As well as collaborating with London artist Liam Yeates through the medium of film and video, Mark regularly curates the Red Ape Language Project at Plymouth Arts Centre and contributes writing for a number of on-line art journals including AN Interface, Writing from Live Art and Total Theatre. He completed an MA in Performance Writing at Dartington College of Arts and is currently researching a doctorate in Fine Art at Kingston University in London.



mark greenwood
59 Pier Street. Plymouth PL1 3BT
email: markgreenwood23@hotmail.com

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