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Dr. Ake + The Wishbones
South Devon's nautical punks return to Plymouth shores - imagine XTC on a boating holiday with The Fall, channelling The Magic Band
Location:The Skiving Scholar - North Hill - PLYMOUTH
Time:9:00PM Thursday, November 26th


more info on DR AKE ...here...

DR AKE STONEHOUSE DREAMS CD (onec002CD): 6 song 4 panel digipack CD. limited x 200 Dr Ake got together in June 2008 and recorded Stonehouse Dreams at PMC Studios under the watchful eye and super sharp ear of Doc Collins at the beginning of April 2009. The resulting 6 songs reflect the diverse musical and artisic background of each member, electronic improv-jazz, punk, rock, noise, and classical.


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Mark will be recording the new DR AKE album in early April. Stay tuned!

Marks new band Dr. Ake will be playing a host of gigs in the coming months.
See flyer for details....here...

Vatican X-Ray Dept have two gigs in London.
North and South so no excuses.
We play Maggies Bar on Stoke Newington Church St on 20th November, the Ivy House Pub on the 22nd of November 2007.
holy hell.

ELECTROPONCE, the VATIKAN and SOUNDART prezent BROADKAST, 24 hours ov aural atomospherez and live elctrix.
1300 22Sept to 1300 23Sept 2007 @ Studio 33 DCoA and 87.7 FM - Live from Dartington:

flyer ...here...

vxd - Expo Late @ The White Rabbit Sunday 24th June 2007 Bretonside Bus Station, The Viaduct

Performance art scum-noise rockers vxd tried 24 hours of silence @ the dartmouth. In response vxd have organised an event to take place at studio 20, Sunday July 19th 2007 (formerly studio 14 and site of notable ringo christ occasions).

vxd's gig at the dartmouth inn was cancelled due to our infamous reputation for being a little too loud and rude for the gentle and timid folk of totnes. :(

A night of interest @the seven stars hotel, totnes, 7.30 pm wednesday, may 16th 2007
Vatican X-Ray Dept.

war of the worlds part IV... the fighting machines are coming

a 24 hour durational noise event and broadcast happening from saturday 27th 9a.m through sunday 28th 9a.m in Totnes, in the west of England. Twelve noise artists attempted to save the world through the construction of various sonic death rays.
nic hallum
mat lord
rich hyde (RINGOCHRIST)
llewyn maire (TRY MY CABBAGE - PAN-ZEN)
joshua camozzi milligan (to-ka-ge - PAN-ZEN)
liam yeates (RINGOCHRIST)
alice kemp (GERMSEED)
mark greenwood (RINGOCHRIST)
max ensslin
rachel sweeney
tim dollimore
chris voisy

find samples here (...) and here (...)

gNufNuf is an improv session featuring Mark Greenwood and Mat Lord with Llewyn Máire and Joshua Milligan.
Check it out here (...)

Vatican X-ray Dept. (one.c goes to the cavern club) the cavern club, exeter, May 2006

The craziest band of the night go on first - shocker!
These guys provided the perfect opener for live music. Their blend of 30 second noise fests with 10 minute epic rock climax induced loveliness. Sadly this was their last gig, however, a re-incarnation needs to be watched out for.
(words by kath wynne of one.c fame. Check out one.c and read more here (...)

Vatican X-ray Dept.


Glam Rock / Thrash / Heilen und Easy Listening
liam yeates, rich hyde, alice kemp, mark greenwood, nicholas grew, ric royer and alfredo genovesi. more info here (...)

*The only band to be banned from the Kingsbridge Inn, twice!
The only band to have all the audience walk out during performances, twice!
The only band to have been told to 'fuck off' by hippies!
The only band to have played to a packed Klinker gig in London!
The only band to have taken acid fifteen years before they formed!
The only band to have taken two years to make a four track album!
The only band to have 'asbos' served on them by South Hams district council! (*See above) - words by germseed (...) -

(c) Mark Greenwood 2oo7