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The RED APE will be presenting performance work from:

Alastair MacLennan, Bean, Mark Greenwood in San Sebastian Square, Plymouth - 19th and 20th January 2010.

Leo Devlin, Ula Dajerling and Mark Greenwood, Royal William Dockyard, 21st January 2010, 8.30 -10.30pm

Sinead O'Donnell, Roddy Hunter and gyrl grip (Lisa Newman and Llewyn Maire)
Plymouth Arts Centre, January 23rd 2010, 10.30pm -12.30am.

go ...here...and ...here for a bigger version :)


The series are now documented on a dedicated web-site:


The RED APE is proud to present 3 nights of Live Art and Performance on the 13th, 14th and 15th
November at Plymouth Arts Centre and the Barbican Theatre:

Friday 13th Plymouth Arts Centre

Bean 7.30 -11pm (Durational performance) Saltcycleseries
Jamie Hadley 7.00- 8pm (Performance) The Things That Hurt
Claire Burke 8.00- 8.30pm (Performance)To Da-sein
Hannah Pollard - 9.00 - 10pm (Performance and Installation) All my boys say…

Saturday 14th Plymouth Arts Centre

Hannah Pollard 7.00-7.30pm (Performance)
Nathan Walker 8.00-8.30pm (Performance) Virginia Woolf
Hugh O'Donnell 9.00-10pm (Performance) Invert II

Sunday 15th Barbican Theatre

Chris Dow and Hazel Savage 7.15-8.15 pm (Performance) Making Pair
Liz Clarke - 8.20-8.50pm(Performance) Organ Donor Betty
Tim Bromage 9.00-10pm(Performance) BAD TEEF

by Mark Greenwood.

£8 (£6) Call (01752) 267131 for booking and enquiries

redape 11 2009


Mark submitted work for FLAG magazine - see work ...here...

Mark will be recording the new DR AKE album in early April. more info ...here...


Mark will be performing 'Sussudio' at Plan 9 in Bristol as part of ÜBERSONG on 21/02/09. See flyer for details.

more info here: ...plan9...


Mark will be presenting work for 'Parallel Plymouth'.

Parallel Plymouth
Friday 6 March 2009
6-7pm, free, all welcome
University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

'Evidently, code works like poetry in that it plays with structures of language itself, as well as our corresponding perceptions. In this sense, all poetry might be seen to be generative in that it is always in the process of becoming.’
Cox, McLean and Ward in ‘The Aesthetics of Generative Code'. (2000)

Working in association with i-DAT and Plymouth Arts Centre, artist and writer Mark Greenwood has embarked on series of walks around Plymouth seeking to investigate myths, mysterious histories and monuments as well as 'systems' for writing poetry. Narratives will run parallel to these encounters as the boundaries between fact and fiction become distorted and blurred.

Through self-reflection and a detailed dissection of the internal processes / systems of structuring language itself, Greenwood has, in collaboration with i-DAT, created a generative software, which 'writes', or executes code, creating new work.

On the basis of recreating a system of 'rules' and 'influences' Greenwood uses in his work, the software generates new poems which will be mediated from the large public LED screen situated in Portland Square, University of Plymouth. The software is further influenced from its environment through data feeds from sensors such as movement of people, CO2 levels, online search engines and through its own evolving generative system.

On the opening event, Friday 6 March, Mark Greenwood will present his work, alongside Chris Saunders, i-DAT researcher, and Mike Phillips, Director of i-DAT, who will discuss notions of generative art, software systems and urban and environmental technologies.

Find an interesting article ...here...

Mark will be curating 'Red Ape' at Plymouth Arts Centre from November 28th as part of 'Proximity Effect'. Find more info on the Plymouth Artscentre website ...here...

Red Ape

The Red Ape is an ongoing enquiry into the relationship between language and live performance. Curated by Mark Greenwood, the project explores and disseminates innovative approaches to the mediation of political, cultural and social issues aroundmale identity and its inherent anxieties.

Leo Devlin (Belfast) is a performance artist whose concerns lie in the projection of the male ego onto animals through a series of trans(ag)gressive rituals. Devlin’s demotic actions are idiosyncratic descriptions of masculine crisis. Anger, fear, and futility are entrenched in his visual poetics of impending violence and reconciliation.

Nathan Walker (York) is a homotextual artist who works with live actions, photography and text. Committed to the personal,the uncomfortable and the intimate, his work explores love and memory. Using repetition and endurance, hard tasks and painful imagery he negotiates the relationships between nostalgia and trauma, the remembered and recurring.

Liam Yeates (London) celebrates the instability of being wrong, the absurdity of relocation and dislocation and the cyclable political debates and systems of discourse that attempt to reconstruct and re-contextualise history and change. His art works question the contradictions and unpredictability of human nature in opposition to the stability of social communion.

Dates of Performance/ Installactions

Leo Devlin: 28th, 29th November (off-site action tbc)
Nathan Walker: 5th, 6th, 7th December
Liam Yeates: 12th, 13th, 14th December


Mark will performing at the 'In the Flesh' festival in Plymouth on Saturday 15th November 2008. See flyer for details. Find more info on the Barbican Theatre website ...here...


Mark performed at the 'I Am Polish/Irish' exchange in association with BBEYOND in Belfast on the 25th October. Documentation and reviews to come soon. Please check out the website: ...BBeyond...


Mark has been commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre to present Parallel Plymouth

Working in association with i-DAT and Plymouth Arts Centre, artist and writer Mark Greenwood will embark on series of walks around Plymouth that will seek to investigate myths, mysterious histories and monuments. Narratives will run parallel to these encounters as the boundaries between fact and fiction become distorted and blurred. Combining notions of code and simulation, his generated texts will be mediated from an LED screen situated in Portland Square which will then allow members of the public to participate in an interactive poesis through various media.


Mark Greenwood will be performing 'Cocks, Hearts and Bloodlines' at Area 10, Peckham, London on 13th September 2008.


Mark performed as part of International Clocks Day curated by Revista Sin Texto on 8th August 2008.


Mark performed 'Cocks, Hearts and Bloodlines' at the Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London as part of WHIPPIT.

Find more material covering the performance ...here...


Marks new band Dr. Ake will be playing a host of gigs in the coming months.
See flyer for details


Mark Greenwood will be playing solitaire for 48 hours. Following the recent public debates concerning gambling and casinos, the artist hopes to resist current trends in marketing and advertising that target sections of society and encourages them to partake in the act of gambling.
Whilst the advertising of products such as tobacco and alcohol has decreased, gambling advertising continues to grow at a rapid rate through sports sponsorship, on-line gaming and television advertisements.
Greenwood believes that these structures of discourse seek to construct a false economy with little regard for the psychological, social, and ethical effects and implications of government sanctioned gambling.

Free Cell... is an installation/performance work initiated in 2007 that explores individual and collective notions of memory and decision making in the context of gambling and the gaming experience.
Alongside an aesthetic enquiry into the figurative, textual, and numerical aspects of playing cards as objects including the
repeated, comparable sequences of patterns found on their reverse, the artist aims to emphasise the anxiety and the futility experienced by the individual gambler caught in between the emotional tensions of desire and need, personal profit and

Find more on the performance ...here...


Mark Greenwood is curating "the red ape project":

Whilst town planners and architects model the 'physical' city of Plymouth and the highway dept. monitor the flow of traffic through and around the city, 'S-OS' investigates the invisible social exchanges of its inhabitants.

Using language and performance the 'Red Ape' project is calling for poets/performers to constuct work around notions of social exchange alongside ideas of surveilance and self surveilance in conjunction with i-dat and their current project based at Plymouth Arts Centre.

Readings/performances are around 15 minutes in duration and will be presented in studio one at Plymouth Art Centre on Thursday 13th March.

(c) Mark Greenwood 2oo9