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'Free Cell' was performed at DCoA Totnes 26-27th April 2008

Mark Greenwood was playing solitaire for 48 hours. Following the recent public debates concerning gambling and casinos, the artist hopes to resist current trends in marketing and advertising that target sections of society and encourages them to partake in the act of gambling.
Whilst the advertising of products such as tobacco and alcohol has decreased, gambling advertising continues to grow at a rapid rate through sports sponsorship, on-line gaming and television advertisements.
Greenwood believes that these structures of discourse seek to construct a false economy with little regard for the psychological, social, and ethical effects and implications of government sanctioned gambling.

Free Cell... is an installation/performance work initiated in 2007 that explores individual and collective notions of memory and decision making in the context of gambling and the gaming experience.
Alongside an aesthetic enquiry into the figurative, textual, and numerical aspects of playing cards as objects including the
repeated, comparable sequences of patterns found on their reverse, the artist aims to emphasise the anxiety and the futility experienced by the individual gambler caught in between the emotional tensions of desire and need, personal profit and

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