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The Chek Hook

Two tape players playing a loop of text from post fight interview with Floyd Mayweather. Play out of sync gradually increasing the speed of until the two loops are synchronised for a duration of approximately two minutes.

Touch gloves
Back to corner
Toe to toe
Left hook

On back foot
Nifty footwork
Clubbed to top of head
Left hook

Good left hook
March forward
Left hook to head
Cut of ring

Coming forward
Big shot to body
Fall forward
Right hand over shoulder

Left hook to body
Grab and hold
Crowd given hope
Overhand right

Flicks out the jab
Neat footwork
Pulled away

Left hook to body
Good right hand
Another right
Running like a rabbit

lurching left hook
on the ropes
clipped uppercut
keep it clean

parried right glove
straight right
hands down to waist
head held

a bit untidy
having a word
bouncing and weaving
left and right

good left hook
right hand over the top
good left hook

hold on
loose footing
left hook
double jab
repel and resist
time out


throws jab
on ropes
left hook
good right hand
very good right hand
working to the body

turning 180 degrees
close quarters
holds on
left hand down by waist
long range
ram rod

straight right
harder and cleaner
crisp right
duck inside
uppercut under chin
uppercut under ribcage

punch and hold
swinging left hook
left hook and jab with right
open up
upper cut


cheekbone reddened
speck of blood
around the eye
hands down
left hook
to the body

opens up
slippery eel
slick short right hands
bouncing off the back
right uppercut


right hand
seen coming
no blood from eye
left jab
duck under
left jab
right hand
clips jaw

bounce off right glove
overhand punch
two and three punch combination
digging deep
picking off
heavy shots
backing off
grab and hold

backing off
left hand
seen coming
cut above eye


Clubbing away
Close quarters
Nice left hook
Right hand misses
Straight right
Off chin
Taking a rest
Straight right

Left hook
To the body
Making space
On toes
Drops left shoulder
Left hook

Over head
Body shot
Forcing elbow
Into chin


ducking under
getting scrappy
right hand
over the top
terrific left hook
bent double
on ropes
clubs back of head
point reduction
shows backside
right hand

left hook
high on head
up on toes
3 jabs and a left hook
left hook
bouncing off
good left hook
leaning head
on shoulder
pounding away
to the body
on the ropes

head over shoulder
right hand
right hand
good shot to the side
hold and punch
stare off

off stool
move around perimeter
right hook
single punch
grab on
left hook to the body
lower right elbow
protecting rib and liver
walk into uppercut
broken free
left and right
far side messy
nullify attack
go to the body
go to the chin

close quarters
right hand
right hand
right arm grabbed

grabbed and held
two punches
on the back
turning 90 degrees
right hand over the top
two jabs
clipping right hook

straight right
shooting out
like the tongue of a viper


beginning to unravel
good upper cut
right hand to the body
big right hand
left hook to the body
hurt to the body
hurt to the chin
falling forward
hands to knees
pounding to the body

right hand
to the body
to the body
left hook
left hook
left hook
switching to the head
holding on
hands up by head
staying on feet


dancing about
stiff jab hopeful
grabbed and held
forward jab
caught on left foot
throws a jab
flicks jab and moves

drops the shoulder
works an opening
met with glove

left hook
left hook
to the liver
bobbing and weaving
towards the centre
jab to the chin


to the chin
shot to the body
another shot to the body
up on toes
left hook

Tape loop – The Chek Hook, repeat three times forwards, three times backward.

up on knees If
left hook
right hand what
towel in in front
on the canvas
screaming on the ropes ok there

sepor eht no gnimaercs the kid and the mommy just so
kooh tfel it’s dark
savnac eht no church door
ni lewot between her legs
dnah thgir bottom of popcorn box
kooh tfel neckline of dress funny and pathetic
seenk no pu Oedipal Cinderella Story
Endorphins an addiction she needs like skin and hair
nwod Anyone will collapse rushing the moment
kooh tfel the stupid shit
seot no pu is always right
rewop with my snot rag up your nose
rethona ydob eht ot tohs you had been warned
ydob eh tot tohs Chimney sweep
nich eh tot pilgrims pretty
lighting lamps
nihc eh tot baj
ertnec eht sdrawot nasal discharge
gnivaew dna gnibbob beautific
revile ht ot
kooh tfel monkey chestnuts up the arse
kooh tfel every porno movie so after
she whispers blue is better while taking calcium
evolg htiw tem moisturising the killer robot
tucreppu I fork and pull back
gninepo na skrow
redloush eht spord gaining power people will cherish
repeat until death
sevom dna baj skcilf be proud and shake the head
gnitaobwohs I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
baj a sworht
toof tfel no thguac pockets full of roast turkey and wearing a bib
baj a sworht the pubic button snaps
toof tfel no thguac no exception
baj drawrof smoking crap
dleh dna debbarg
lufepoh baj ffits
tuoba gnicnad

I hurt your little doggy

teef no gniyats I hurt
gnibbob your little doggy
deah yb pu sdnah
no gnidloh
deah eh ot gnihctiws I hurt your little woo woo
Forgive the stupid boy the secret signals all messed up
kooh tfel
kooh tfel
kooh tfel
ydob eht ot malicious mischief
baj I worry this is me
ydob eht ot the pied piper getting rammed in the phone booth more and more
dnah thgir choking to death on the red ink
rekamyah the peter principle pyramid scheme
ydob eht ot gnidnuop
seenk ot sdnah
drawrof gnillaf
nihc eht ot truh performance artist because of heat
ydob eh tot truh struggles inside his shirt
beyond the locked doors
ydod eht ot kooh tfel a thousand pieces the shattered swastika
dnah thgir gib
tuc reppu doog liquid cross
levarnu ot gninnigeb
she wanted sex turkey necks
repiv a fo eugnot eht ekil blackbrained by the Vatican z
tuo gnitoohs
thgir thgiarts

debbarg mra thgir naked and pale and loving the mother and wanting to live
thigir dnah put your faith in me and get the hell out
thigir dnah fire means suicide in front of the store
sretrauq esolc

nich eht ot og
ydob eht ot og
kcatta yfilun
yssem edis raf drug suspect
thgir dna tfel
gniknij dashboard lights
eerf nekorb
tucreppu otni klaw mole high on the inside of thigh
revil dna bir gnitcetorp turning the cork burnt black
woble thgir rewol
ydob eh tot kooh tfel
no barg
hcnup elgnis
kooh thgir
retemirep dnuora evom i need to feel your lymph nodes
loots ffo


ffo erats i need to feel your lymph nodes
hcnup dna dloh
edis eh tot tohs doog family history
dnah thgir
dnah thgir abdomen distended
redluohs revo deah

sepor eht no heartbeat rapid
ydob eh tot muscle twitch
yawa gnidnuop
redluohs on red rash
deah ffo gninael go like this (open mouth)
kooh tfel doog dangle the leg to cure the hip bone
ffo gnicnuob
kooh tfel

desk girl yawns
great cup of coffee
The screens are grainy
Black and white

Wheelchair mired in gravel
And hand shaking
Something fast
Inside my pants

Ready to trigger
She stands behind

Yellow skin sunk
Terrible arms
Chicken feet
Running a tongue
Across the bottom lip
Bloody mobiles collapse
Head on

Staggering around the colonies
Blind with half a head
No wings and shit smeared
In its feathers

The stolen foreskin relic
Buried in the mouth
Double fisting
Rubber balls
Turning up with rocks

Beautiful rocks

My shadow smashed she drew the outline
Of her lost lover

Saints and sex addicts

Heroes and victims

Rushing around
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the night
In the ruins
In the dark

End loop: Referee commentary declaring the winner of the contest.


(c) Mark Greenwood 2oo8