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Lateral Branches

Lateral branches is a text/image response to notions of materiality and mediation concerning the cultivation of natural materials in the production of paper based media. Using the names of trees commonly found in the British Isles, Greenwood has utilised a systematic deranging of the lexical insert, as found in dictionaries and horticultural guides, in order to generate a textual poetics that oscillates between mediations of a production process - from trees to paper, page to hypertext. Ordering, classification and the naming of things are re-configured by Greenwood in order to provide minimal narratives framed by the traced outlines of trees. It is hoped that a lateral reading of the trees will provide alternative narratives that mirror ideas of cross pollination and a hybridisation of text and species.

More info here: http://www.mediaalive.co.uk/ecopoetics/

(c) Mark Greenwood 2oo9