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The Action Art Forensics Unit - REAPED poetry generated from Mail art with Leo Devlin

STRIKE glitter HAMMER knives CHISEL ghost ORGANISE books NAIL pencils TEAR earth WASH umbrella PUSH plant tags ORGANISE propane PULL brick ABANDON plants WRAP banana skins STRAP material INDENT jockstrap RUB hammer SURVEY knife ORGANISE chisel EAT toys UNVEIL wood WRAP bell THINK bucket of sand REMOVE water bottles DRINK nails IGNITE antiseptic SHOUT stags head DANCE paper SING sand COLLATE fluorescent paper ORGANISE rope ACTIVATE chair ladder RELEASE table UNFOLD half doors
STAND flowers KICK marlon brando BREATHE pit bulls THROW divine PULL harness THROW glitter KICK miscellaneous FOLD video HOLD books CLIMB pencils ORGANISE umbrella KICK plant tags HANG propane JUMP brick RUN plants HOLD banana skins LAY material ORGANISE jockstrap ABANDON hammer WAVE knife INSCRIBE chisel GOUGE toys FOLD wood scraps POSITION bell GIVE bucket STRAP water bottles THROW nails PENETRATE antiseptic WIPE stags head ORGANISE paper FALL sand paper COVER rope TIE chair THROW table leg HAMMER table DRINK table WALK half doors RUB flowers ORGANISE photos
REMOVE harness TIDY glitter ARRANGE miscellaneous FOLD ghost SWEEP books FOLD pencils ORDER umbrella LAY plant tags ORGANISE propane CLIMB brick BRUSH plants TRANSFER banana skins SWEEP material PAINT fluorescent paper WRAP rope TEAR chair ladder NAME table leg WRITE table LABEL half doors BUILD flowers CONSTRUCT marlon brando ASSEMBLE pit bulls TEAR divine TAPE harness EAT glitter CLIMB miscellaneous LIE

(c) Mark Greenwood 2oo9